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why feminism should include trans women


• they’re fucking women

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"It feels like this."

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Max on top of the world at Mt. Evans. 

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"So, what if, instead of thinking about solving your whole life, you just think about adding additional good things. One at a time. Just let your pile of good things grow."
Attachments, Rainbow Rowell  (via taurielsilvan)

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the famous trash *.⋆( ˘̴͈́ ॢ꒵ॢ ˘̴͈̀ )⋆.*


"I don’t have anywhere to go to…”

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まとめ3 by 黒川うめ

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Since then they’ve been yearning for each other across time and space, across dimensions.

Within five minutes Harry was soaked to his skin and frozen, hardly able to see his teammates, let alone the tiny Snitch. He flew backward and forward across the field past blurred red and yellow shapes, with no idea of what was happening in the rest of the game. He couldn’t hear the commentary over the wind. The crowd was hidden beneath a sea of cloaks and battered umbrellas.

He turned, intending to head back toward the middle of the field, but at that moment, another flash of lightning illuminated the stands, and Harry saw something that distracted him completely, the silhouette of an enormous shaggy black dog, clearly imprinted against the sky, motionless in the topmost, empty row of seats.

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We’ve been together for a long time. Just the two of us

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Never apologize for your fluency in english.
If you have a different mother tongue, you are under no obligation to know english at all, let alone fluent english.
Never let anyone make you feel bad for not speaking proper english.
Be proud of your mother tongue.
Why should we learn their language when they mock and refuse to learn our own.